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  is an independent private publisher and research centre seated in London. Aside from legal science and economics, the STS Science Centre plans to publish in other fields of social science including psychology, sociology, history and management. 


We at the STS Science Centre believe in the importance of producing English language publications on all types of the various legal systems including, for example, the systems of countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. We feel it is important that information on these various legal systems is available and accessible to all, and on a global scale.


While the STS Science Centre collaborates with numerous lawyers and academics from across the European Union in the field of legal science, we also publish authors from all parts of the world and whose works encompass numerous scientific fields. For those interested in publishing through us- books, journals, or research findings- we arrange all the necessary steps that ultimately produce a successful and professional final publication.


Along with publishing books and research findings for our clients, the STS Science Centre also issues a semiannual journal on law history. This journal, titled Journal on European History of Law, is reviewed by academics belonging to various organizations including the European Society for History of Law. For those who may be interested in publishing in this journal, please feel free to contact us here through this website to obtain further information regarding the requirements for contributions.