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Measurement and Control of Chemical, Food and Biotechnological Processes

ISBN 978-1-908235-08-4 (Set - STS Science Centre), ISBN 978-80-7418-305-8 (Set - KEY Publishing)


Volume I - Process Measurement

2019, ISBN 978-1-908235-09-1 (STS Science Centre), ISBN 978-80-7418-306-5 (KEY Publishing)

610 pp.

Volume II - Process Control

2019, ISBN 978-1-908235-10-7 (STS Science Centre), ISBN 978-80-7418-307-2 (KEY Publishing)

656 pp.


Karel Kadlec, Miloš Kmínek, Pavel Kadlec et al.

The book Measurement and Control of Chemical, Food and Biotechnological Processes (Volume I - Process Measurement and Volume II - Process Control) will provide readers with basic knowledge from a rapidly developing area of automatic process control and technological measurements. It is based on a philosophy that only parameters that are measured reliably and with sufficient accuracy can be controlled efficiently. Automatic control systems are becoming integral parts of industrial technological devices. Laboratory equipment and instrumentations with computer control are more frequently involved in everyday technological routine. Therefore, recent practice requires technologists with, at least, elementary understanding of these systems.
The monograph Measurement and Control of Chemical, Food and Biotechnological Processes is intended for everyone who is interested in gaining of professional knowledge in measurement and control of manufacturing processes in chemical, food, biotechnological, pharmaceutical and other technologies. The book represents a source of basic information for students, professionals and operating personnel in above mentioned areas.

Volume I - Process Measurement
Introduction to the Measurement and Control of Technological Processes
Basic terms, block and technological diagrams; Labelling of measurement and control circuits; Measuring Instruments and Data Acquisition; Measurement uncertainty.
Process Measurement
Measurement of temperature, pressure, level, flow, heat; Measurement of weight (industrial scales); Humidity and moisture measurement; Composition measurement (liquid and gas mixtures); Measurement of particle size.

Volume II -Process Control
Process Control
Mathematical models based on the balance, solutions of mathematical model equations (simulation), examples; Basic concepts, controlled system, measuring element, actuator, continuous control, two-position control, digital control; Logic control (types and realisation); Control of industrial batch processes; Computer controlling and information systems, advanced control methods; Computer simulations of technological plants in chemical and food industries.
Laboratory and Industrial Applications of Process Measurement and Control
Practical demonstrations of process measurement and control of model and laboratory stations. Applications of measurement and control in food technology and biotechnology and in chemical and the other productions.

The colourfully illustrated book, format B5, paperback edition.
The price of each volume separately is 100 EUR incl. VAT (+shipping), the price of the set is 180 EUR incl. VAT (+shipping).


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Belarusian Prospects of Euro-integration

2016, ISBN 978-1-908235-07-7

262 pp.

Artur Roland Kozłowski

Belarus is located in the sphere of conflicting interests of leading geopolitical actors, in a region where Russian domination limits the possibilities of open cooperation with the European Union. At the same time, however, Belarusian cultural legacy has for a long time been connected with Western civilisation, adapted mainly as a result of a series of political unions, and then as part of shared statehood with Poland.

Focusing on problems of Eastern Europe, the present study combines a geopolitical and civilisational approach in order to present a historical analysis of Belarusian civilisational affiliation. The main aspects discussed include the importance of the long process of the Occidentalisation of Belarusian culture, the civilisational consequences of Russian domination after the Partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and finally the Sovietisation of Belarus, both under the Soviet Union and in the independent state.

The present book attempts to identify and describe the geopolitical circumstances which have determined the shaping of Belarusian civilisational space, and to analyse the historical evolution of Belarusian space from the point of view of its potential for a geopolitical reorientation. Looking towards the future, it discusses the civilisational choices Belarus is facing, and offers an analysis of possible changes in Belarusian geopolitics which might affect the present structure of the international political system in this part of the world.





Merit of Human Potential in Regional Development

(Collection of proceedings)

2010, ISBN 978-0-9564777-2-9

72 pp.


Mgr. Daša Adašková, PhDr. Rastislav Kazanský, PhD.


doc. PhDr. Olga Bočáková, PhD., JUDr. Zuz ana Kubišová, PaedDr. Alena Tomášiková


Ing. Helena Bohátová


doc. PhDr. Peter Čajka, PhD., doc. PhDr. Lucia Rýsová, PhD.


Mgr. Jana Gabrielová, Mgr. Petra Gajdošová


Mgr. Andrea Hugáňová, Mgr. Katarína Chovancová


Ing. Marcel Kordoš, Ph.D.


doc. PhDr. Mária Petrufová, PhD.


Ing. Mgr. Rozália Židziková, PhD.

Health as a Prerequisite for Development of Human Potential

(Collection of proceedings)

2010, ISBN 978-0-9564777-1-2

48 pp.


Kamenec Peter


Labunová E., Homzová P., Kociová K., Takácsová Sopková M.


Mareková Hermína, Keketiová Jana


Pavelek Lukáš


Polakovičová Zuzana, Vaverčáková Marta


Račková Mariana, Hlaváčová Darina


Rozvadský Gugová Gabriela





Labour Law in the Czech Republic

2010, ISBN 978-0-9564777-3-6

101 pp.


Matěj Daněk

Tereza Erényi

Jakub Lichnovsky

Karel Schelle

Jaroslav Škubal

Jaromir Tauchen



This publication presents an overview of the Czech labour law. It summarises the basic legal institutions in the area of the Czech labour law in a comprehensive way and emphasizes besides theoretical fundamentals in particular the practical issues. The authors aim at maximum comprehensibility both for users without any legal education and for lawyers without corresponding hands-on experience. This publication is designed for the broad group of readers who need to orientate themselves in labour-law relations in the Czech Republic.


Labour law as a branch of law is to a certain extent unique.  Basic knowledge of labour law is necessary both for businessmen as employers during their business activities and for all individuals who enter a labour-law relation. Despite the fact that labour law is primarily intended for as broad a range of people as possible, the legal wording is not very clear and is often hard to apply in practice. The aim of the publication in front of you therefore is to explain this branch of law as clearly as possible.




Commercial Law in the Czech Republic

2010, ISBN 978-0-9564777-4-3

101 pp.

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová

Jan Hejda at al.



For those planning on or already doing business in the Czech Republic, or just wanting to extend their knowledge about the legal framework for conducting business in one of the central European states ”A Brief Introduction to the Czech Commercial Law” in English will prove worthwhile. Commencing with a concise background of the history and basis of the Czech commercial law, the authors move on to cover the legal regime of the principal business players, commercial companies.


Thereafter, the commercial obligations and their main instruments, commercial contracts, are reviewed. A succinct analysis of the competition law represents a logical culmination of the publication. Each of the contributing authors has both an extensive academic background and a wide experience in the practice of law which contributes to a well balanced blend of a theoretical and practical approach demonstrated across this invaluable publication.



Cross Border Movement of Employees

2010, ISBN 978-0-9564777-8-1

106 pp.

Michaela Jandová

Multinational companies with operations in many different jurisdictions face a complicated task. Employment and labor laws differ greatly from country to country, and sometimes there are substantial differences even within a given company and jurisdiction. Moreover in the European Union, an employer needs to comply with the laws of the European Union, local laws and in the case of federal states with the laws of each of the states that are part of the respective federation where the operation is located. Compliance is further complicated by the fact that companies typically have their own code of conduct and other rules and procedures that may provide more or less protection for its workers, depending upon the jurisdiction in question. Complicating these further, cultural issues can vary greatly depending upon the country, region, religion and ethnicity involved. Understanding not just what the applicable laws and company policy says, but how it can and should be practically applied and communicated at a given location and company, requires sometimes taking into account vast cultural differences within and among a given workforce. It is essential that rules are developed between a company’s legal department, human resources and tax departments to ensure that these myriad factors are considered whilst operating a global workforce.


The purpose of this study is to is to identify and summarize the current situation in an international company operating in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, to identify and summarize the legal situation governing employees’ cross border movement therein and to suggest the best internal solution to this company that would enable fast and effective cross-border movement of the employees, including internal policies, template documentation and a step-by-step manual while mitigating major risks arising from different laws.


An Overview of the Czech Civil Law

2012, ISBN 978-1-908235-01-5

99 pp.

Radovan Dávid – Chapter 2 and 3

Jan Hejda – Chapter 5

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová – Chapter 7

Karel Schelle – Editor, Chapter 1, 4 and 6

Jaromír Tauchen – Editor, Chapter 1.7

The publication is issued mainly for non-lawyers, who want to familiarize with the basic institutes of civil law. Except for the explanation of basic civil-law terms, the reader can familiarize himself fit the core of the obligation law, heritage law, author law and of course with material law. Neither the history of the civil law and the problems of bringing the Czech civil law and the EU one closer to each other were omitted.






Development of Public Legal Action

2013, ISBN 978-1-908235-04-6

50 pp.

Karel Schelle

The publication talks about the development of institutions of public prosecution from ancient times till the end of year 1989. Main attention is paid on the period between 1848 and the end of the World War II. The explanation is given in wide historical context, mainly connected with the evolution of organization of the criminal justice.

In the second part, the author aims on the position and organization of procurature in the period after year 1948, which became an infamous symbol of political assasinations, mainly in the first half of the fifties of the last century.

The publication is determined not only for those interested in the history of law, but also for students of criminal justice to enable them to understand the historical context of organization and perspectives of current institutions of the national attorney's office.















The Financial Crisis: Basic View

2010, ISBN 978-0-9564777-5-0

92 pp.

Jozef Chajdiak

Jitka Meluchová

Nadežda Fuksová




The development of the world economy can be characterised as gradually increasing and featuring irregular cyclic variations. The economy has its development regularities that people partially know and partially comply with. But there also are blind spots in that knowledge and the principles within the economic development are often not complied with in order to achieve certain objectives. These phenomena and processes result in development, financial, economic, and other crises. During the second half of the first decade of the 21st century the world has been experiencing a financial crisis that is accompanied by an economic crisis.


This monograph presents the development concerning selected indicators for the past decade in respect of a group of selected countries (EU27, Euro Area (16), Slovakia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, USA, and Japan). The development of individual indicators is presented within line graphs accompanied by tables showing monitored values. The data have been obtained from Eurostat and through own calculations. As concerns the group of all the countries there are brief characterisations of relevant indicators subject to an analysis and their development in selected countries. The development clearly indicates the arrival of crisis phenomena and both continuation of the crisis and indications of revival.



An Identification and Redefinition of the Business Strategy in Company JST Czech Republic

2010, ISBN 978-0-9564777-7-4

83 pp.

Jiří Myšík



The objective of this essay is the identification of the way to redefinition the business strategy based on the results of different kind of factors like theoretical concepts and furthermore the comparison set by results of market research. Company analysis by using some of these methods and the modification of the company strategy should be clearly defined. The view should contain also the research of the attitude to the most profitable attraction to certain market segments and most competitive position toward to competitors.


In the analytical part the author have used standard analytical methods based on the theory of prof. Michael E. Porter and his followers who have further developed his methods. He has analyzed the external environment (SLEPT analysis) as well as the company micro environment (Porter’s five forces and analyses of customers and suppliers) together with the analysis of the society internal environment that are summarized in SWOT analysis.


Further, the author used a method of market research to find the most profitable segments where the company should sell its products in the Czech Republic and to modify a business plan of the company. Strategy proposals are based on the analyses results and try to take advantage in the society strengths with the link to opportunities. The strategies are designed to eliminate weaknesses and threats. The Author believes the identification and redefinition of corporate and business strategy based on it will be beneficial to society in its further development and prosperity.

Formulation of the Business Strategy of an IT Value Added Distributor in the Time of General Economy Crisis

2011, ISBN 978-0-9564777-9-8

153 pp.

Richard Havlík



The aim of the monograph  is to define Business Strategy of DNS a.s. in the time of economy slowdown to secure long term sustainable growth of the company. DNS is the third biggest company of eD. It is focused on Value Added distribution of advanced IT technologies and solutions including but not limited to Unix and Intel based servers, Data storage, Security and Communication solutions, large database software and other advanced IT technologies. DNS is operating in the Czech Republic. DNS is an Authorized Value Add Distributor in the Czech Republic for world IT leaders including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle and others. Clients of DNS are the biggest Czech Corporate and Large account Resellers who deliver advanced IT solutions to end customers like Telefonica O2, ČEZ, banks, government. DNS revenue in 2009 reached almost 2 Bill CZK, however, the current overall economic slowdown can have a negative impact on DNS business in the future as the average project lead time for such large projects where DNS is involved is 9-18 months and, therefore, the major crisis impact is being delayed.


The objectives of the monograph are as follows:

Strategic Management concept selection;  Identification of the Corporate Strategy of eD system group of companies (DNS is a member of the eD system group),  Analysis and Research related to the Business Strategy of DNS,  Formulation of the DNS Business strategy and  Proposals for Implementation of the DNS Business strategy.




Competition Fight in the Entrepreneurial Activity

2011, ISBN 978-1-908235-00-8

124 pp.

František Bartes




"Competition Fight in the Entrepreneurial Activity” is engaged in offensive concept of competitive strategy. It is based on the ancient martial philosophies that have been developed in ways that may substantially increase the likelihood of success of the company even in today's competitive clash.


1. To concentrate forces optimally on adversary's weak spots and make advantage of our own strengths.

2. To devote the highest attention to the moment of surprise.

3. To choose the battle scene so that our preferences could be applied.

4. To pay maximal attention to communication between a leader and troops/units.

5. Strategy targets and tools for their achievement must be carefully adjusted.

6. With the help of operative changes it is possible to gain considerable advantages and it is important to change not only technical tools but parallelly also the manner of the fight control.



New Concept of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence as an Applied Systemic Discipline

2013, ISBN 978-1-908235-05-3

121 pp.

František Bartes

Author understands Competitive Intelligence as a system of application discipline. Such a conception of Competitive Intelligence gives new possibilities. Author proposes a completely original "Business Plan of Competitive Intelligence". Using this "Work Plan" makes a radical change in creating conditions for successful implementation of intelligence analysis of information. Author considers intelligence analysis information as a "royal discipline" of Competitive Intelligence. This leads to the creation of added value in analyzing information, thus the occurrence of intelligence.

Properly understood and implemented in business practice, Competitive Intelligence creates a "future prediction". And only in this sense Competitive Intelligence has its importance for the company. This allows you to communicate to senior management plausible basis for his strategic decision-making, and therefore must be secured at a very high level.




Critical Thinking in Education

2013, ISBN 978-1-908235-06-0

128 pp.

Jarmila Novotná




The monograph is about the role of critical thinking in education. Primarily, it aims to explain the concept of critical thinking as a contemporary phenomenon that is often discussed and considered in many fields of science. Secondarily, it details methods that facilitate the development of this ability, especially in the school environment. The monograph points out the importance of this phenomenon, not only as part of education, but also in terms of the professional and personal involvement of individuals.